For a while now this has been what I like to call my “faker” website. ‘Cause really it’s a blog. And I want to let it be just a blog where in addition to posting announcements about new products and events I can also just yak about artsycraftsy stuff and birds.

I’m getting ready to more or less shift all the shoppity-shopping aspects of this site over to Etsy, just because it’s so much easier to deal with, and it’s more professional. It’s such a great site, and I love knowing that fun people in Finland and Australia and Maine are running around with my birdies in their pockets. You should usually be able to find whatever BvB item you want there, and if not, I can always make it for you and post it as a reserved listing.

In the past couple weeks I’ve been dealing with a lot of headache-inducing paperwork, but it’s all for the best and I feel ever-so-satisfied now that it’s done. If anyone ever needs advice on setting up a not-just-a-hobby home crafty business in Oakland, I can tell you in excruciating detail what you need to do and in what order. Whoo.

I’m very excited about some new pins/brooches I’ve been fiddling with. No pictures to show you yet, but soon!