Bird vs. Bird: Internet Celebrity Moment!

What’s been going on in the world of Bird vs. Bird? You might think “nothing at all!” judging from the pathetic trickle of information that’s made it to this website, but the opposite is true, my friends.

Spring ’08 has been wild and crazy! Most wild-and-crazily of all, Bird vs. Bird was the Etsy featured seller April 4-7. That means that yours truly was selected from amongst tens of thousands of Etsy shops and put on the front page of for Three! Whole! Days! All our little friends, from Kinglet to Oriole, got looked at by thousands, yes, THOUSANDS of people worldwide! Over 150 of those folks were also kind enough to make purchases. Lots of late nights stuffing envelopes and writing addresses at Bird HQ…
Should you be so inclined, you can read my featured seller interview, which includes exciting revelations such as my 5 favorite bands. Also, you can see a dorky photo of me perched awkwardly next to my trust Sailrite sewing machine.
What else has happened? I’ll tell you later. Like tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday.